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Life at Home

Nov 29,2022 | SoftyAbode

Our fascination with life at home is what makes us IKEA. Every year, we ask thousands of people to share their thoughts and feelings about where they live. We want to learn what makes life at home better, so we can help people thrive there. It’s an ongoing research project that feels more important than ever.

A young woman in a dress and a little boy in a t-shirt and shorts are playing with crafts on the street outside a house.


Key finding: Family relationships have strengthened at home… but some friendships have suffered.

The pandemic has brought many of us closer together, with 42% saying their relationships with immediate family have improved over the past year. Some friendships have also flourished. But others have not fared so well. In fact, one in five people we surveyed say their friendships have been negatively impacted. This could be because restrictions have made us choosier about the friendships we keep. For mental well-being, it’s quality not quantity that matters.

What do you look for in an ideal home? 
31% of people say living close to friends and family has become more important to them in the last 12 months.

A man and a woman with one plate each are preparing breakfast in a kitchen with a stone worktop and grey cabinets.